With A Sad Note…

It has been an almost eleven year journey to this point some ups some downs but it has come to the point where my MS has taken the ability to properly maintain the sites anymore on a daily basis away from me. I have deliberated both personally and with friends and family and have come to the only logical choice but to focus exclusively on my health and family so as of this point the sites are all closed and I will be removing all the content from them.

I am sorry for all those that have enjoyed my recipes over the years and my unique food take on them. It is not something I have done lightly and I am sorry to disappoint any of my loyal readers. I have actually taken over four months to come to this point it was so difficult as I loved what I did and the thought of not having it is kind of like losing a part of me.


Truth is MS has taken more than I had hoped and my husband’s health is not good either so we need to take care of each other for now. I have all the content and will hold on incase someday down the road things change but for the foreseeable future I don’t see that happening. Thank you all for your support and may all your days be filled with good food.



Christine Szalay-Kudra

Recipe Publishing Network