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Amazing Soup Recipes brings you a huge collection of recipes for soup, chowder and even stew. There is something for every season, occasion, palate and mood, no matter whether you want to make something hot or chilled, spicy or mild soup, something chunky or pureed, a hearty chowder or a light aromatic soup, a classic recipe or something international or modern.

Soup is one of the simplest things to make because it is often a case of adding ingredients to a pot on the stove, simmering it for a while and then serving the result with bread, crackers or even by itself.

Some More About Me

When I started creating my first websites and blogs, I had a clear goal in mind, which was to introduce web users to a better online experience than what they were used to. I am mom to 4 great boys who are now young men and, as you can imagine, food is a key part of our lives. As any mom knows only too well, guys love to eat and finding new recipes to make every day for my husband, myself and the boys can be tricky.

Also, I suffer from MS and that means I cannot stand comfortably for long periods. The guys still need their food of course. I have never been a quitter and no way was I prepared to give up and settle for feeding them prepackaged junk. I was determined to feed the kids nutritious meals.

That is what gave me the initial idea for my websites and blogs which feature lovingly prepared dishes anyone can be proud to dish up. We all need some cooking inspiration from time to time.

Simple Soup Recipes are Too Good Not to Share

I find cooking for myself, husband and kids satisfying and I would like to share my passion for great food with you. I strongly wish to reflect these ideas in all my food sites, focusing on affordable, nourishing ingredients and tasty results.

I try to keep the recipes and cooking tips as simple as possible while offering yummy dishes which are bound to impress, and handy cooking tips which home cooks everywhere can benefit from. I am delighted to share these soup recipes with similar home cooks and hope you love them as much as we do in our household.

So Why Soup?

Soup is loved all over the world and it is a comforting, delicious dish. It is also versatile in that soup can be an appetizer, lunch, dinner, snack, beverage, or even dessert! How many other dishes can claim the same? Serve a honey and strawberry soup for dessert, find out how to make beef consommé like a pro, or treat the kids to a thick, pureed pumpkin soup.

Everyone has their favorite soup and many home cooks enjoy experimenting with it, making classics like French onion soup or chicken noodle soup, trying something new like an Indian curried soup or a tasty chicken stew, or even matching the veggies past their prime in the refrigerator with one of our recipes to find out how to use the ingredients they have to make something hearty, flavorful and nourishing.

Soup is Universally Adored

Everyone loves soup and we look forward to many years of sharing dedicated soup recipes and information with you. We find that food, and especially soups and stews, can bring families closer together. Honestly, there is nothing like the aroma of soup gently simmering on the stove to tempt curious family members into the kitchen.

The beginning point for this experience is always a great recipe to inspire your cooking creativity and bring a fabulous flavor sensation to your table. If soup happens not to feature on today’s menu then you might like to browse the recipes and tips anyway, perhaps for another occasion, or if it is then we hope the result of your soup-making today is every bit as great as you hope!

If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to our RSS feed. So, that leaves me to wish you “bon appétit” and thanks for visiting!

Christine and Everyone here at Amazing Soup Recipes

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Christine Szalay-Kudra

Hello there, I'm Christine. Welcome to my blog where you will find a comprehensive collection of soup recipes for every season, occasion and palate. There are hundreds of soup recipes for you to try out, those which warm you up during the cooler months, and even chilled soups and dessert soups if you want to try something new.

Try making your next soup in the pressure cooker or crockpot, or prepare it in the conventional way. Choose from classics such as potato and leek soup, beef broth, French onion soup, or chicken noodle soup, or investigate a more unusual dish, like our cabbage bean soup or one of the Chinese soup recipes.

In addition to soups, broths and chowders, I have collected stew recipes, along with low-calorie, low-carb and heart-healthy options, so you can make soups which are nutritious and good for you, as well as fresh-tasting and delicious. Here at Amazing Soup Recipes, there are recipes for every taste, many of which are really quick and easy to make.

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