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How Long Do I Boil Cabbage for Soup

Have you ever wondered how long do I boil cabbage for soup? If you feel like that, then you will want to be sure that you review the following information. It contains a number of useful tidbits of facts that you are going to be able to use in this process and it should allow you to make a delicious meal that your entire family is going to truly love.

One of the first things you are going to find in this process is that the manner in which you cut your cabbage will have an actual bearing on your results. For example, if you are going to shred your cabbage your cooking time will only be about three minutes in boiling water. That is going to ensure that it is tender and that the flavor helps to break down better.

If you are wondering, how long do I boil cabbage for soup in wedges, then you will want to be sure that you understand this will take a lot longer to handle. In fact, you are going to find that the overall process can take as long as 20 minutes, but you should keep an eye on the cabbage if you do this and turn it down to an actual simmer to avoid over cooking the mixture and turning it into mush. Of course, if you enjoy this style of cabbage soup, it is perfectly acceptable.

By doing all this, you can ensure that you have a delicious pot of boiling cabbage soup that is going to warm your soul and have you feeling great at the same time, with just a little effort on your part and some delicious seasonings in the process as well.

What About Pureed Soup?

If you want to know how long to boil cabbage soup until the vegetables are al dente or tender without being mushy, then you will have to time it more carefully than if you were making a pureed soup recipe.

When you are pureeing the soup to make it smooth, you will want to make sure all the vegetables and other ingredients are tender to the point of being soft, else the soup will have hard lumps in.

Have you ever made mashed potatoes with slightly undercooked potatoes? It is nearly impossible to get rid of the lumps. In the case of pureed soups, it is better to slightly overcook the vegetables if anything, then you can be sure they will puree perfectly, whether you are using a stick blender, an upright one, or a food processor to puree the mixture.

How Quick Can Cabbage Soup Be?

Maybe you are in a rush and you want to throw together a quick cabbage soup recipe. If you have all your ingredients prepared, you can throw everything in the pot together and expect it to be ready in as little as five minutes, but this assumes your bouillon or stock is very hot already, the cabbage is finely shredded, your carrots and other vegetables are finely sliced, and you are not using stewing beef, rice or anything with a long cooking time.


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