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Different Kinds of Chicken Soup Recipes around the World

It is no surprise that chicken soup is popular all over the world. It seems every region has their own twist on this soothing bowl of chicken broth. Who among us does not have fond memories of slurping noodles from our chicken soup? All over the world, people have their own fond memories of this wonderful elixir that has fed humankind both physically and spiritually.

If you want to kick it up a notch and try some international chicken soup recipes, do not be afraid. Many specialty ingredients like lemongrass can now be found at local markets. If you cannot find them near you, they can be ordered online.

Chicken Soup in the Islands

On the Island of Capri, for instance, they make a very delicate chicken soup from stock, lemon peel, bay leaves, onion, chicken, and escarole, which is a type of lettuce. It is garnished with Parmesan cheese. In Greece, chicken soup is very aromatic. Chicken stock is combined with lemon, egg yolks, mint, and oregano. A little further south, in Tanzania, they make a chicken soup that is sweet, succulent, and aromatic. It contains ingredients we may find unusual: bananas, coconut, tomato, red chili, and curry powder. In Africa, however, this soup is enjoyed by many.

Asian Chicken Soup

Woman Eating SoupIf you head towards Asia, make sure to check the chicken soup in India. Indian chicken soup contains carrots, onions, lentils, curry powder, a chili pepper, coconut milk, apple, and rice. This creamy soup has a bit of a kick. A little further east, you can find an Indonesian chicken soup with a very complex flavor. Made with peanuts, molasses and lemon juice, this is an exotic and nourishing soup you will not want to miss. In Vietnam, chicken stock is combined with fish sauce, lemon juice, onions, and cellophane noodles to create a deliciously healthy bowl of goodness.

Up north in Russia, you may find pickles in your chicken soup. It will also contain chicken livers, potatoes, sour cream, and dill. Known as a surefire cure for a hangover, Russian Rassolnik is a variation you should try.

Mexican Chicken Soup

Cross the Pacific to Mexico for yet another tasty chicken soup. Full of chili peppers, tomatoes, onion and lime, this soup from the Yucatan peninsula is both spicy and tangy. In Haiti, they make a light, delicate soup that is enjoyed both hot and cold. Made simply with chicken stock, orange juice and cloves, this soup makes a wonderful first course.

As you travel the world seeing chicken soup, you will see many different preferences for making the broth. Some cultures prefer using whole chickens while others use chicken feet and backs. Using wings and feet to make broth adds a lot of rich gelatin to the soup. Gelatin helps thicken the soup and it adds even more flavor and nutrients from the chicken. The gelatin that melts into the soup stock in all cultures helps the digestive process and can help protect those that eat it from many different illnesses. Homemade stocks used in chicken soup recipes contain minerals that are easily assimilated into the body. Next time you start craving some chicken soup, try a recipe from another land, and give your body a boost.


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