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Different Kinds of Onion Soup around the World

You might associate onion soup with France and it is true that French onion soup is the best known onion soup variety but there are many more ways to make onion soup and there are plenty of varieties of French onion soup in France as well.

Tasty Onion Soup in Europe

Spanish onion soup is popular in South America as well as Spain and this onion soup recipe contains skirt steak, sherry, garlic and more for a rich and full bodied soup. Italian style onion soup recipes are often topped with parmesan and mozzarella instead of the Gruyere cheese traditionally used in a French onion soup recipe.

In England, sage is a traditional herb to use in onion flavored dishes and a dash of Worcestershire sauce can add flavor to onion soup as well. Cheddar cheese is used in English onion soup, also Gruyere and other kinds of Swiss cheese are nice too. The English often use chicken broth instead of beef broth but both kinds are good with the Cheddar topping.

For a very English tasting soup, you could use Stilton (or a mild blue cheese) instead of Gruyere. Stilton melts nicely and permeates through the whole soup, rather than sitting on top like a garnish. Swap the sage for tarragon and you will have a delicious winter warmer recipe, which smells wonderful and tastes even better.

Deliciously Different Onion Soup Recipes

OnionTraditional German onion soup is very clear with a pinkish hue and contains marjoram and white wine. Small circles of bread, parmesan, and fresh marjoram make up the topping for German onion soup. Onion soup in the Czech Republic usually contains beer and garlic for flavor.

Mexicans also like to add beer to their onion soup recipes as well as lime juice and chili peppers. The topping is more likely to be crispy tortilla chips than toasted French bread. Chicken broth or beef broth can be used for a Mexican style French onion soup and Jack cheese or spiced cheese is the perfect topping.

Indian onion soup is usually made with vegetable broth because slaughtering cows is taboo in India. Chicken broth is a viable alternative and Indian onion soup recipes are usually kept simple, with flour used as a thickener and salt, pepper and garlic used for flavor.

The Scandinavians like onion soup recipes and if you are visiting Denmark or Norway you might find yourself enjoying onion soup made with white wine and flavored with Camembert or Brie.

It seems strange how the Scandinavians use French cheese on their onion soup but the French use Swiss cheese!

Onion Soup Recipes with Meat

Onion soup does not have to be a strictly vegetarian dish and, since most onion soup recipes use beef broth as a base, it is not vegetarian anyway.

African onion soup often features such delicacies as ostrich steak or chunks of juicy beef. Some French onion soup recipes feature some crispy bacon crumbled over the top, along with the cheese, for a meaty and salty flavor.

If you are making a French onion soup recipe at home, feel free to add some beef, chicken, or fish to the recipe. As long as the herbs, spices and any other flavors you add support the flavor of the meat then it will go nicely and make the soup heartier.


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