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How to Make Beef Broth Which Tastes Amazing

There are many different recipes for beef broth. This means that if you are making a French onion soup recipe and the recipe calls for beef broth, the flavor of your finished onion soup will depend largely on which beef broth recipe you have followed or which brand of canned beef broth you have used.

The best way to get a wonderful tasting beef broth is to make your own, so you are totally in control of what goes into it. Learning how to make beef broth is very simple and the great thing about it is that you can make several times more than you need and freeze what you do not use. Beef broth freezes and thaws very well.

Step-by-Step Beef Broth Instructions

You will need beef bones and scraps, carrots, celery, onions and seasonings to make a tasty beef broth. You should roast the beef bones for half an hour to an hour at a high heat to brown them, because this gives the bones a lot of flavor. Another reason for roasting the beef is that it draws out the fat. A little fat is good for flavoring your broth but too much ruins the taste. You can roast the vegetables for ten or fifteen minutes too, if you like, to make them juicy.

You might want to use celery ends and carrots which are starting to go soft. In other words, beef broth is largely made from ingredients you would otherwise throw out so it is a very cheap recipe to make and very handy to use in other recipes, like French onion soup.

Once your bones are brown and you have removed the excess fat, put them in a stockpot with the vegetables and any other seasonings you like. Scrape all the burnt on bits out of the roasting pan and add them to the stockpot.

Popular beef broth seasonings include parsley, thyme, bay leaves, fennel, basil, and a touch of salt and black pepper. The process of making beef broth is always the same but the flavorings you add to it are up to you.

Add just enough cold water to cover the meat and vegetables. Once you have all the ingredients in the stockpot, bring the beef broth to a boil and then simmer it for several hours, skimming off any foam that floats on top.

Keep tasting the beef broth. You will be able to taste when it is done. Discard the vegetable scraps and bones. Strain the broth through a cheesecloth lined colander and let it cool down. Then you can use it, refrigerate it for up to three days, or freeze it for up to six months. If you freeze it, leave a bit of space in the container to allow for expansion.

Thickening Beef Broth with Flour

How to Make Beef BrothIf you want a thicker beef broth, you can use flour to achieve this. Pureed vegetables and cream have a similar thickening effect. Use a little flour mixed with water to thicken it and only add a little bit at a time.

How Much Beef Broth Equals One Bouillon Cube?

If all else fails and you need to use a bouillon cube in your onion soup recipe instead of homemade broth, you might want to know how much beef broth equals one bouillon cube. If the recipe calls for one pint of beef broth, you will need one pint of bouillon.

This means adding a pint of water to the bouillon cube. If it is very weak tasting, you can add another half a cube or another cube. The important thing is that you have the same amount of liquid. Bear in mind, however, that beef bouillon cubes are far less flavorful that a homemade beef broth recipe.

Photo Description:

This photo shows slabs of beef, which are fresh and red, and richly marbled with the fat that gives them so much flavor. Learning how to make beef broth is a simple process and also one that you can add your own touches to. Turning beef into beef broth is a way of transferring all the nutrients and flavor from the beef into the broth and you can enjoy beef recipes and then use the bones and leftovers to make a tasty beef broth recipe.

The Best Beef to Use for Beef Broth

Any cut of beef will give flavor to your broth so if you have bones with meat on, bones with no meat on or pieces of meat, throw them all in the stockpot to add flavor and nutrients to your beef broth recipe. The most flavor comes from bone marrow, so using bones is highly recommended for the best beef broth. As a general rule, use good cuts of beef for eating and the leftover parts for making beef broth. There is not much point wasting a fifteen dollar fillet steak to make beef broth!


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