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Onion Soup Facts and Onion Facts

Onion soup is a healthy and delicious recipe and there are lots of different recipes for onion soup and French onion soup that you can easily make at home. The next time you serve homemade onion soup to your family, you can surprise them with the following onion soup facts:

Onions and their Interesting History

Onions date back to 3500 BC and it is believed they grew wild on every continent.

Our ancestors grew onions for food because they were easy to grow, tasted good, and did not spoil during the winter months.

The ancient Egyptians worshipped onions because its spherical shape represented eternity.

Today, onions are the sixth most popular vegetable crop grown worldwide.

An old English rhyme claims that the thickness of an onionskin tells you what kind of winter is coming. A thin skin means the winter will be mild and a thick skin means it will be severe.

Onion World Records and Statistics

There are more than two million metric tons of onions produced in the United States every year.

About 105 billion pounds of onions are produced globally every year.

The average American eats nearly 19 lbs of onions each year.

More onions are eaten in Libya than any other country. A surprising 67 lbs of onions are eaten per person per year.

More than 75% of the onions produced in the world are yellow onions.

The official state vegetable of Texas is the Texas Sweet onion and the official state vegetable of Georgia is the Vidalia onion.

The biggest onion every grown weighted 10 lbs 14 oz and was grown in England.

Onion consumption in the United States has risen by 50% over the past twenty years.

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