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Who Calls Itself the Onion Growing Capital of the World

Onions have been cultivated in the United States since 1629, although they are believed to have been grown in Ancient Egypt and then Rome. They got their name from the Latin word “unio” which means big pearl. Onions got a real status boost after the invention of French onion soup and this dish is still very popular to this day.

Onions come in yellow, white, and red, with yellow onions accounting for nearly ninety percent of the onions grown. These onions are full of flavor and they give French onion soup its sweet, tangy flavor. They go a deep brown color when cooked.

Onion Facts and Figures

The United States has exported between three and six percent of its total onion production in recent years, keeping the rest for culinary use.

When asking the question who calls itself the onion growing capital of the world, the country which produces the most onions every year is China, followed by India, then the United States, then Turkey and Pakistan, in that order. At least a hundred and seventy five countries grow onions and there are nearly seven million acres of onions in the world, producing a hundred and five billion pounds of onions every year.

Onion Growing in the United States

A hundred and forty two thousand acres of onions are planted every year in the United States, which accounts for seven percent of world onion production and two and a half percent of world onion acreage.

Onions are grown in more than twenty states and leading production areas include Washington, California and Idaho-Eastern Oregon. Washington has the biggest acreage and the highest output of onions in the United States.

Onions are the third largest vegetable industry in the United States and the average American eats nearly nineteen pounds of onions every year. This is about three hundred and seventy semi-truckloads of onions used in the United States every day.

Vidalia Onions

One great onion to use in French onion soup because of its sweetness is the Vidalia onion. These onions are grown in the town of Vidalia in Georgia. They were created by accident in the 1930s.

The mild climate in Southeast Georgia, the exclusive seed varieties, precise farming methods, and low sulfur sandy soil all contribute to the sweet flavor of these delicious onions. The town of Vidalia calls itself the onion growing capital of the world for sweet onions.

What Happens to All These Onions?

Who Calls Itself the Onion Growing Capital of the WorldOnions are used in literally thousands of recipes. There are many types of onion soup, as well as onions tarts. Cheese and onion is a popular flavor combination, found in such dishes as cheese and onion quiche or cheese and onion pie.

Beef and onions is a popular Chinese dish. French onion soup is a classic recipe and one, which is made all over the world, especially in Europe and the United States. French onion soup can be made with any type of onion but yellow onions are especially rich and flavorful.

Onions are served in salads, with hot dogs and burgers, as part of stews and casseroles and some kinds of sweet onions can even be eaten alone like an apple.

Photo Description:

This photo shows a bunch of leeks, which are a delicious and healthy vegetable. Leeks are in the onion family and there is no reason why you cannot use them in an onion soup recipe. Leeks are not traditionally found in French onion soup but they certainly complement the flavor of onion, since they have a similar flavor, and leeks are used in many dishes, which also contain onions. Both the white part and the green part of a leek can be eaten, but the green part is also great to use in beef broth recipes and for making other kinds of broth. Leeks are also used in casseroles, stews, stir-fries and in lots of international dishes.

What is a Chinese Onion?

Chinese onions are vegetables with a white, slightly enlarged bulb and a hollow green stem. They are also known as welsh onions, spring onions, bunching onions and Japanese leeks. Chinese onions are popular in eastern cuisine and were introduced to Europe in the seventeenth century. Chinese onions are planted all over China and it can be sown in any season except summer. Chinese onions can be harvested early and eaten like green onions or left in the soil to get bigger. The white portion is used in China for medicinal purposes.


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