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Why Onion Soup is Wonderfully Unique

There are hundreds of different soup recipes available these days, as well as a wide range of canned and dehydrated soup mixes. Soup has been around for thousands of years but we have never had as much choice as we do now.

Interestingly enough, onion soup is one of the oldest recipes in existence and it is still as popular today as it ever has been. French onion soup is quite a simple recipe but this soup has stayed well loved for thousands of years.

The Inimitable Flavor of Onion Soup

The original recipe might have changed quite a bit but French onion soup is a real classic and will never go out of vogue. A French onion soup recipe is unique in that it combines beef broth and onion for a complex flavor. These simple ingredients suit each other so well and the traditionally French bread and melted cheese topping finishes the dish off beautifully.

Onion soup blends the sweet and savory, the soft and crunchy and the strong flavored with mild flavors. Onion soup is an enigma because it is one of the most easy dishes to prepare but the flavors are clever, complex and an easy French onion soup recipe makes a wonderful appetizer for a dinner party or a tasty treat for the family.

French onion soup cannot be imitated with packet mixes because it needs to be made with fresh ingredients for the best results. This is an economic soup, which is simple to make, and a nutrient packed, delicious meal for the whole family.


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