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How to Make Fish Consommé

Consommé is a clear broth, most often made with beef or chicken. Fish consommé, however, is very delicate and delicious. This simple soup can be eaten at a formal meal or as a light afternoon snack. You can always add some pasta near the end of cooking if you wish more substance in your broth.

Any cook can learn to make a delicious consommé. Most people will serve their consommé hot, but you can also serve some chilled. Bowls of consommé should be garnished simply and elegantly to show off the purity of the soup. Julienned vegetables work well, as do herb sprigs or a few truffle shavings, depending on the type of consommé you are serving.

The best parts of the fish to use for consommé are the bones and the head. You can make consommé for an appetizer, and then serve the fillets from that same fish for the main course. You can also use the consommé as a base for a heartier soup; just add the skinned fillets to the soup a little while before serving it to create a rich, chunky fish soup.

Whether you enjoy the simplicity of a clear consommé or want to use the consommé as a base for other soups like chowders, stews and other delicious soups, learning this most basic skill will come in handy for many dishes over the years.

Making Fish Consommé

Fish consommé only takes about an hour to make. It is light and delicious. The trick is to get all the flavors out of the ingredients, and then strain the broth away from the solid parts. To make an excellent, flavorful consommé, you need the heads and bones of your choice of fish; hake, snapper, sea bass, or bream work well.

You also need celery, carrots, onion, parsley, bay leaf, lemon slices, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, anchovies, white wine, water, salt and pepper. The carrot not only lends its sweetness, but some of its color. The tomatoes add color, too.

Simmer the fish parts in water with the lemon, bay leaf, carrot, celery, onion and half the parsley. Add some salt. Let these ingredients cook for 30 to 40 minutes, stirring as needed. During cooking, you should break up the head and bones with a wooden spoon.

The garlic, anchovies, remaining parsley, salt and pepper can be heated up in the olive oil in another pan. After the flavors have had a minute to blend, add a splash of wine. Let the wine evaporate during cooking, and then add the tomatoes. Let it cook a few minutes.

Removing the Bones

Now it is time to remove the bones and vegetables from the consommé. It needs to be clear, remember. Sieve the broth through cheesecloth or a fine mesh screen colander to remove all the bits. Add the broth to your tomato mixture and bring it up to a boil. Add salt to taste if you need to. This makes an excellent Italian style fish consommé.

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