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Different Types of Potato Soup Recipes

How many different types of potato soup recipes can you think of? Most people are familiar with the classic creamy potato soup recipes, but perhaps you have tried an international potato soup, a sweet potato soup, or something meaty with bacon, ham, or chicken.

There are traditional potato soup recipes featuring onion, leeks or garlic, as well as butter, cream or milk, and there are less traditional ones, pairing the potatoes with other ingredients like lentils, beans, seafood, and other things. Seafood is great in potato soup recipes and you can add chopped fish filets or shrimp to soup a minute or two before it finishes cooking because it cooks so fast. If you enjoy shrimp salads in the summer, why not combine shrimp with potato, onions, cream, and other potato soup ingredients in the cooler months to make a delicious and warming lunch or dinner?

If you are in a rush, you can make a quick potato soup in as little as twenty minutes. Chop the potato finely and you can decrease this to fifteen minutes, as well as preparation time. Your potatoes will need to be chopped and possibly also peeled. Use an immersion blender to puree your soup and pour it from the pan into your bowl. This is a great idea for a tasty, warming homemade lunch and the kids will love it just as much as you do.

Can Potato Soup be Healthy?

Although potato soup is perhaps not the lowest carb or calorie soup you can get, you can make healthy potato soup recipes. Potatoes are a great source of energy and they can be combined with healthy proteins to make delicious soups. You can add lots of vegetables to a potato soup recipe to boost the nutrition even more. Once you start to add butter, sour cream, heavy cream or other fats, you are also raising the fat content of the soup, but there are worse things you could eat than potato soup.

Different Types of Potato Soup RecipesEating healthily is all about consuming a balanced diet, which means your body, requires carbs, fat, protein, and other nutrients. It is possible to get all your nutrition in a bowl of potato soup because you can add chicken, seafood or another protein source, a little butter, oil or cream for your fat source, vegetables and herbs for added nutrition, as well as other ingredients to complement the flavor.

Sweet Potato Soup Recipes

You can put sweet potato soup in a category of its own because this soup is not like other conventional potato soup recipes. Although sweet potatoes are a variety of potato, they go better with sweet ingredients than the savory ones you might normally find in soup. Although both sweet potato soup and regular potato soup can feature cream, sweet potato soup recipes tend to be thicker and richer. They might also contain brown sugar as well as nutmeg, allspice or cinnamon. Just as pumpkin soup can be savory or sweet, so can sweet potato soup. In fact you could even serve it as a dessert.

Sweet potatoes are not only for making dessert soups though. You can also use them in other potato soup recipes. Why not swap half the potato in your potato soup for sweet potato? The end flavor will be slightly sweeter but just as yummy.

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Preparing potato soup is something that can take very little time if you are in a rush. In fact there are quick potato soup recipes you can make in minutes. If you can peel and chop a potato, you can make potato soup. You can also get the kids involved. When the kids are involved in cooking they are more likely to want to eat the results, and that applies as much to potato soup as to their favorite cookie recipes! Keep the sharp knives out of the way but let the kids stir the soup or measure out the ingredients you need.


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