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How Do You Make Potato Soup?

Potato soup is one of the most warm and comforting foods that you can create. It is an easy soup to make and in reality, it is nearly impossible to make a bad pot of potato soup if you follow a few simple rules.

How do you make potato soup? Of course you start with potatoes. Typically you will get different flavors from different types of potato. You can begin with a more yellow potato such as Yukon gold potatoes which will give a more rich flavor. They are a more buttery flavor.

Whiter potatoes or red potatoes will make a flavor that is less buttery but more full and rich. Once you have selected the variety of potato that you would like to have, adding the remaining ingredients is more a matter of taste than of any right or wrong methodology.

Your additional ingredients can be ham or smoked bacon, depending on your taste. In fact come people add roast beef or pork roasted, while others even add chicken to their potato soup rather than a smoked flavored meat.

Traditionally potato soup was made when a family was not doing well financially, as it was a good way to get a warm feeling and a full stomach, but that is no longer true. Potato soup is comfort food that can be very rich and very filling and may use some high quality and very costly ingredients, or may also be made to stretch the family budget a little bit further. It is also, aside from being comforting and filling, remarkably delicious.

How Do You Make Leek and Potato Soup

Leek and potato soup is a classic dish and there are different ways to make it. Some people like the potatoes to be the star of the dish, adding plenty of those and just a hint of leek and cream to complement the flavor. Others prefer to use plenty of leeks so the leek taste is just as apparent as the taste of the potatoes. You can also add other complementary ingredients such as yellow, white, or green onions, garlic, or shallots.

Leek and potato soup has a unique flavor all of its own and there are different recipes to choose from if you want to try making this traditional winter warmer of a soup. Leek and potatoes are both budget items and this soup is delicious whether or not you are trying to economize. You can make a leek and potato soup for lunch or dinner, or even as an appetizer. Since most leek and potato soup recipes are creamy, they tend to be satisfying and filling.

Spicy Potato Soup

Potato soup is often mild and creamy but since potatoes offer a lot of versatility, you might choose to make a spicy soup instead of a mild, creamy one. Potatoes feature in many spicy cuisines, whether you are enjoying an Indian potato curry or a chili-rich Mexican dish with potatoes, and there are various ways to achieve that spicy finish.

You might like to add a few drops of hot sauce or a pinch of chili powder to your potato soup, or you could prepare and add some fresh chilies. You could even add a dried chili and remove it once the soup is finished. Spicy potato soup is great during the cooler months if you fancy something other than creamy potato soup recipes, and you can make such a soup as spicy as you want it to be.


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