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How Long is Potato Soup Good?

Depending on how your potato soup is made, you will want to permit it to keep in the refrigerator for about three to four days. Ideally it should be eaten within about two days, but if it is not, it will remain edible for at least four days time.

If you are planning to keep it longer, your best bet is to freeze it. Potato soup freezes remarkably well, even if it is done with ham and cheese or some other meat. The soup can also be placed in individual freezer baggies and then frozen in single servings that you can place in a bowl and unthaw or microwave to make a fast lunch or a quick and hearty dinner.

The reason we recommend that potato soup be kept in the refrigerator only a few days is that it is a very low acid soup. It contains a lot of materials that are low in acid and do not’ keep well over a long span of time in normal refrigeration. In fact, potato soup which is not kept at the proper temperature and given the right kind of refrigeration will make you quite ill. Be sure that you refrigerate leftovers promptly and use them in a good time span or else freeze them.

Making potato soup on the weekends and then freezing the leftover portions can be a great way to be sure that you have speedy lunches made ahead and quality good food that is good for you for the days when you run short of time.

How to Make Creamy Potato Soup

Creamy potato soup is one of the best comfort foods ever and it is so easy to prepare yourself. If you have made other potato recipes before, and most people have, then you are already one-step ahead of people who are new to making soup. Learning how to make creamy potato soup is a simple process and it involves combining your cooked potatoes with the other soup ingredients or even chopping raw potatoes and letting them cook in broth, bouillon, stock or another liquid.

Cream adds a luxurious flavor to soup and it also helps to thicken it up, giving it an indulgent texture and magnificent flavor. A lot of gourmet potato soup recipes, and other gourmet soup recipes, feature cream because it goes so nicely in terms of both texture and taste. Remember cream is optional though, not compulsory, and it does not suit every potato soup recipe.

A Few Alternatives to Cream

You do not need to use actual cream for creamy results. Whether it is unavailable or you just want to use a low fat alternative, this is totally possible. You might like the tang that sour cream offers to soup, in which case you can use crème fraiche or reduced-fat crème fraiche for a near-identical result. Yogurt is another option and this will also add a slightly sour hint which is wonderful with the potato flavor.

Milk or Half & Half can do the job of making your soup creamy, or you could try coconut milk for an exotic Asian or Caribbean flair. The creamy ingredient you choose to use depends on the recipe, what you happen to have in the pantry or refrigerator, and what you personally like to eat. Some people do not like creamy soups at all and, if that sounds like you, you can make a non-creamy potato soup instead.


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