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How to Get Rid of Pea Soup Gas

Legumes have a reputation for causing gas, much like other kinds of vegetables such as cucumbers and cabbage. Dried beans, lentils, and peas create incredibly satisfying meals at an economical price, leading to their popularity. It has been a challenge finding ways to combat gas buildup, with pills created to help. Natural methods are available and some of the favorite ways to get rid of pea soup gas follow.

Make Split Peas a Regular Part of your Diet

Split peas make your body healthy by regulating blood sugar and getting rid of bad cholesterol. The more often you eat split peas, the faster your body acclimates and counteracts the tendency towards gas. There are a number of ways to sneak them into your family’s diet, such as including them in green salads or mixing them in a veggie shake.

Small Bites, Chew Thoroughly

Perhaps you remember hearing this advice as a kid, regardless of what you were eating. Taking smaller bites and chewing well before swallowing reduces the chance of gas.


Soak split peas ahead of time. There are several versions of how to do it right.

  • Soak the peas for six to eight hours


  • Change the water and rinse the peas every 2 hours


  • Drain the starchy water from the peas after they have soaked


  • Creative Boiling

These methods need tried repeatedly to get any kind of actual measurement, but others say there is a positive result.

  • After the split peas and liquid are in the pot, bring the liquid to a boil. Continue to boil for three minutes.


  • Bring the liquid to a boil and then add the split peas. Reduce to a simmer immediately.


  • Skim foam off the top during the cooking process to reduce gas caused by peas.


  • Action, Reaction

Since some edible items, like split peas, cause gas, others combat it. Add just a bit of cumin seed, ginger root, or fennel seeds to combat gas from split peas naturally. The flavor changes slightly, so you will have to decide whether this option is right for you. Other suggestions are:

  • Peel a small white potato and cook it with the split peas


  • Add a mesh bag with a quarter-cup of uncooked white rice for the cooking process


  • The carbohydrates combat the gas. Dispose of the potato or rice after cooking.

Create a Gift of Dry Split Pea Soup

Many people appreciate the gift of ready-to-make soup and when it is healthy, like split pea soup, it is an even better gift. Imagine the pleasure of adding the soup mix to water or broth and letting it simmer on the stove for a couple of hours until cooked. You can even enclose a small packet of salt and of pepper! Here is how to put it together.

1. Use clean, clear, small jelly and canning jars with lids to hold the mix.

2. Put dried yellow and green split peas on separate baking sheets. Sort through and discard stems, bad peas, stones and other debris.

3. Make a half-inch deep layer of green peas in each jar. On top of that layer, make the same size layer with yellow peas. Cover with a circle of waxed paper.

4. Put two vegetable, chicken or beef bouillon cubes on that and cover with another circle of waxed paper.

5. Add another two layers of peas and cover with a circle of waxed paper.

6. Place a packet of salt and one of pepper on that and add a bay leaf. Cover with a circle of waxed paper.

7. Make a final layer of peas. Use crinkly, colorful cellophane or plastic to fill any loose space. Seal the jar tightly. Tie a festive ribbon around the top.

8. Print out a small set of directions to attach to each jar.


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