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Which Type of Stew to Make?

As you peruse our many recipes, you will inevitably be faced with the decision of which type of stew to make. Well, ultimately, the choice is up to you, but we will try to give you a little guidance. Stew is the perfect meal when you want something wholesome and comforting.

The usual way to choose a recipe is to see which one fits the ingredients you have on hand. This is the easiest way to choose your stew. Perhaps you have a chicken or a small chuck roast in the freezer that would make a delicious stew. Maybe you have a whole bag of potatoes or carrots that need to be eaten. No matter what, you can put them in a tasty stew and have a great meal.

Another way to choose your stew is to consider what you may be hungry for. Maybe you are craving something exotic. You could peruse through our International Stew Recipes and see if anything tickles your fancy. Stews with the exotic spices of India, Mexico and other faraway places will beckon you to try them. Who needs to try restaurants and spend money to see if you like their food? You can make a delicious ethnic meal right at home for the cost of a few new spices. It may become a new favorite, you never know!

Perhaps you have some wild game sitting in your freezer that needs to be used. Stew is the perfect recipe to make the most of venison, rabbit, buffalo, or any other exotic meat. Stewing lets the meat share its unique flavor with the rest of the meal, making the best use of even a small amount of meat.

Maybe what you are really hungry for is just a simple meal. Meat, potatoes, a little vegetable for color. A simple stew will meet your requirements nicely. As the ingredients cook slowly, they make their own gravy that brings all those ingredients together in a nice bowl that will warm you up from the inside out. You can use those boneless chicken pieces, that little bit of beef in the freezer, those pork pieces you did not know what to do with, or anything else you like as the main ingredient.

Maybe you are really hungry for a bunch of seafood. It is always so much work to cook everything you want individually; the shrimp, the fish fillets, the clams… why not make a seafood stew? A seafood stew can be hearty and creamy at the same time. Toss in as many different types of seafood as you wish and have yourself a feast. This is a wonderful way to enjoy your own seafood fest at home any time of year.

In the end, it does not matter what type of stew you choose to make. It will be delicious and satisfying. Stew is a perfect food for autumn and winter because it makes you feel warm and cozy. Share the warmth with your family with plenty of stew.


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