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Chicken Stew

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Savory and Sweet Chicken Stew

This recipe features a savory and sweet flavor because of the mixture of pineapple, brown sugar, hot pepper, and soy sauce. You can make a great main course meal by serving this tasty chicken stew recipe over boiled rice. This Asian chicken stew also makes a great filling for baked potatoes. This is one of our healthy crockpot recipes too because of the amount of fruit and vegetables it contains. You can add celery, peanuts, carrot, cashews and more because this recipe is quite versatile.

You can throw in extra ingredients at the beginning of the cooking time if they need to cook (for example, carrots or anything hard) or near the end if they are already cooked or do not need to do so (peanuts, celery, other nuts) – just use your judgment and common sense as to when you should add things. You can use turkey here instead of chicken if you have some to use up and these two kinds of poultry are interchangeable in a lot of our easy crockpot recipes.

Anybody can make this recipe because it is really easy. As is the case with many of our easy crockpot recipes you simply need to add the ingredients to the slow cooker and let it work its magic. This crockpot chicken stew combines some interesting flavors and you are guaranteed to get an impressive result. If you like sweet and sour type dishes, you will love this simple chicken stew recipe. Continue reading

Simple Chicken Stew Recipe in a Crock Pot

If you are looking for an inspiring crockpot recipe for a cold, rainy day, this wonderful simple chicken stew recipe is guaranteed to do the job. Crockpot chicken stew is a delight to put together because you simply add the ingredients to the slow cooker and stir them together before leaving the chicken stew to cook itself to perfection. This chicken stew is great served in bowls with warm buttered bread for dipping.

The herbs enhance the flavor of the chicken and vegetables and this is one of the best crockpot recipes if you are looking for a healthy yet tasty dinner recipe to fill you up. Why not make this crockpot chicken stew if you have friends or family visiting for dinner? You can prepare it in advance and leave it cooking while you get on with other things. Everybody will love the flavors in this simple chicken stew recipe and the sage, thyme and paprika work together to give a really special, aromatic flavor.

The green beans and carrots make the crock pot chicken stew colorful, although you could use celery instead of green beans if you prefer. This is a hearty winter warmer of a dish, although it is good at any occasion and during any season of the year. Chicken stew could be classed as a comfort food, since it is so similar to chicken soup, with just a bit less liquid in the recipe than with a soup. This is sure to go down well with the whole family. Continue reading

Spicy Crockpot White Chicken Chili with Chipotle

This is one of our most flavorful and spicy crockpot meals and if you love Mexican food flavors, you will like this one. The best crockpot recipes are those, which are simple to make yet produce delicious results. The two kinds of beans in this crockpot white chicken chili combine nicely with the chicken, garlic, herbs and other ingredients for a hearty and warming dish which you can serve with cornbread, tortilla chips or crusty bread.

You can use a combination of chicken breasts and chicken thighs in this crockpot recipe if you like because the thighs are tastier and they cook just as well in the crockpot; it is your choice. Mexican food recipes like this crockpot white chicken chili cook so nicely in a slow cooker because a lot of Mexican ingredients are full of flavor and do well when you slow cook them, allowing the flavors to merge perfectly with one another and soften.

This crockpot white chicken chili is a wonderful dinner to make if you fancy something warming and soothing. It is also simple to make because once you have browned the met, you simply need to combine the ingredients in the crockpot and leave it to cook, making this one of our most easy crockpot recipes. Despite the ease of preparation, you will get delicious results with this crockpot white chicken chili recipe so if you want to make a south of the border style treat for tonight’s dinner, we heartily recommend our crockpot white chicken chili. Continue reading

Crockpot White Chicken Chili

This crockpot white chicken chili is a beautiful recipe to make on a cool fall evening or a cold winter night. The chicken is brilliant with the onion, garlic, wine, and bean flavors and this is certainly a satisfying and warming dish worthy of being added to your list of the best crockpot recipes. This can also be counted as one of the most easy crockpot recipes because, after browning the chicken, onion, and garlic, you just mix everything together in the slow cooker and let it blend and cook.

If you are going out for the day, it only takes a few minutes to sauté the chicken, garlic, and onion, and then you can leave the mixture, with the other ingredients, to cook happily in the slow cooker until you return home. That is when the amazing aroma of crockpot white chicken chili hits you, the moment you get home, and of course you can serve it right away and enjoy the amazing flavors of this easy crockpot recipe.

The mustard powder and cumin give this dish just enough spice to make it flavorful without being too hot. You will also enjoy the garlic and onion flavors and the typical cilantro and cheese garnish, if you enjoy making Mexican crockpot recipes like this delicious crockpot white chicken chili dish. This is a really flavorsome recipe, which you will want to make again and again and it goes well with warm bread and butter instead of the tortilla chips, if you fancy a soft layer underneath, rather than a crunchy one. Continue reading

The Best Seafood Gumbo Base Recipe with Chicken

This amazing meat and seafood gumbo base recipe contains quite a few ingredients but the preparation itself is simple, making this one of the best easy fish recipes to choose if you fancy a full-flavored meal.

Purists might argue that okra and file powder should not both be used in a gumbo recipe but this recipe does contain both. File (pronounced FEE-lay) is a thickening agent and it also adds a nice taste to the finished dish. This powder is made from ground sassafras leaves. Do not add it to the gumbo while it is still cooking though, or it will become stringy. The okra tastes great in the recipe too so never mind the purists – add okra if you like it!

You can use scallops, crawdads or crab instead of the shrimp in this fish gumbo recipe if you prefer. The combination of sausage, chicken, fish, and seafood might sound like a lot of different flavors but the flavors work together; they do not clash at all. Blending the Creole with the Cajun, this delicious gumbo leans slightly more toward Cajun cuisine because it combines chicken with seafood, is more soup-like, and also lacks tomatoes in the recipe. The Southern flavors are pronounced and every goes together beautifully in this classic dish. Continue reading

Exotic African Spiced Chicken Stew

Peanuts are for a lot more than munching when you want a snack. This African chicken stew uses peanut butter to make a creamy sauce that really enhances the flavor of the chicken. Be sure to get the natural style peanut butter for the best results. Other peanut butters have stabilizers, sugars and other ingredients that may not work well when making a sauce. You can eat it on its own or serve it over some jasmine rice for a filling winter meal.

Like most stews, this one can be tweaked to fit your pantry. Add some carrots, turnips, greens, or celery. Cut up the chicken into small pieces or keep them big. Garnish with parsley or unsalted peanuts for a little crunch. There are lots of ways to personalize this dish. Every once in awhile, the usual recipes get a little tired. By adding something like this recipe occasionally, you can spice up your menu and get people excited about dinner again. The sauce is rich and flavorful. If you find it a bit too thick for you, just add some more broth to thin it during cooking. If you like your stew spicy, add more seasonings. If you do not like it spicy, cut down on them. This recipe is very forgiving and tastes great despite many changes.

If you are having guests, find out if they have peanut allergies before you serve this recipe. Unfortunately, this allergy is popping up more frequently and one can never be too careful. For some people, even a close proximity to peanuts can cause their throats to close up and become life threatening. If you are just cooking for your family and none of them have nut allergies, enjoy. This is a tasty meal that will remain on your menu for some time to come. Continue reading

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