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Amazing Tomato and Vegetable Soup

There are loads of vegetable soup recipes some with and some without tomatoes this one is with them but made to go together in a way that it can be either served for meat lovers or your vegetarian friends as well. With one little switch up this recipe goes from vegetarian to carnivorous in one fell swoop. Now in the directions it is laid out for the carnivorous way as that is my guys but the sausage can be cut up and put in a separate bowl and then allow those eating it to add 1) as much of it as they like and 2) not use it at all and it is then a completely veggie based soup that is not going to offend the vegetarians in your crowd.

See many vegetable soups lose this point in that they use chicken broth instead of vegetable broth so there is no way to switch it up and although there is nothing wrong with doing so why make a vegetable soup that can’t be for the vegetarians in the crowd. I mean broth is a simple change up in the cooking process and yes it will alter the taste a bit, but it is so much nicer to please everyone then just a few. I mean how would you feel if you were invited to a social gathering and everyone else was eating and you were totally left out because no one thought of your dietary concerns.

Sorry I have been a bit lacks in getting new content out I have had some health issues to contend with and although I really try not to let them get in the way some times they just do. I have been going through all the sites as fast as possible without suffering quality and getting fresh updates out to you. I hope you had a nice Cinco de Mayo holiday and made something special for dinner. I know my family did and it is always nice to have a Mexican night and no we don’t wait for special days to do so it is part of our regular routine as Mexican food is such a big part of what I do. As for soup I do plan on still updating all through the summer even though it is about now soup starts fading a bit and more people opt for barbeque (have that covered too) so I will be looking for more summerish recipes though. So keep an eye out for those and enjoy this one now or in the summer when all those fresh garden veggies are coming in. Continue reading

Pot Roast Soup or is It Stew

In looking for gaps in the site’s category list and recipe database I noticed a major oversight on my part how can a New England girl miss a recipe for Yankee pot roast done as a soup or stew. It is almost as well known in these parts as the well know clam chowder recipes we relate to a whole culture of ours. I mean the south has fried chicken and gumbo but if you ask anyone in these parts what is the main food associated with the region it is going to be one of the following, lobster, clams, (mainly chowder) cheese and maple syrup sub regions of all of those but pot roast is as old as the people who settled this area and pot roast is left from the days of the first settlers.

Now nothing against any of the other food items they are all very special but I know many a vintage restaurant dating back 100’s of years pride themselves’ on their Yankee pot roast. Actual the word Yankee is interesting in how it has changed through history sorry to say to the rest of the country but a Yankee is a “new Englander” not a baseball team or a northern in general but someone from one of six states. It changed in both the civil war and again in World War two to first mean any Northern (or federalist) and then in WW II to mean any American it is not it is a whole region and we do not dislike softeners or English people either.

Now except for poor Vermont all six of the New England states touch water mainly the Atlantic Ocean and we do have a very distinct Maritime tradition and a love of the sea and seafood. But the area has long been a mixture of rural and urban and has a long tradition of small family farms spread out through all of the states. You will find that we are not the cold people we are often thought to be but rather friendly just reserved and very proud of our heritage. Much of where this country came from is traced back to legendary founding fathers and we are proud of the contributions we have made over the years to helping make this country what it is including food. If I have offended anyone in these statements it truly was and isn’t intended to. Continue reading

Beer Cheese Soup with Brats and Cheddar

Some foods are just what we have to call man food! I mean think about it some things like steak, chili, and pizza, do I need to go on tell a guy any of these are for dinner and you have made a friend. Tell him you are giving him beer for dinner and the only thing that could be better is his bass boat just won him a trip to the Dayton 500. Think of it, guys love beer we girls don’t totally get it but heck they don’t get sale at the Mall either. When it comes to food guys have a very simple primal language and if you grunt it (speak it) you will have a loyal puppy your whole life.

Now before you send me hate mail I am not calling guys dogs. But men are simple and if you clue into this you will have a best friend for life and someone that will go to the highest mountain for you. Not sure of this (I am going on 27 years) I have it more right in today’s day and age then wrong. It is ok that we are different as long as we respect that and each other too, it is a perfect pairing kind of like this recipe.

If you’re the least bit unsure of any of this try the recipe on a Friday night serve it in front of the TV and without an argument flip on ESPN and see how much your man smiles. Now this is not a scientific poll but what does science have to do with men anyways. And if you’re lucky his game will not go into overtime and see how different he is in the morning. I think I am on to something here; I would be interested in your results. Leave me a comment if it worked for you. Continue reading

Italian Wedding Soup with Ditalini Noodles

Today I have a very Italian soup for you Italian-American that is. This recipe is a blend of terms that didn’t quite get translated properly and is a play on the fact that meat and vegetables go so well together. It is a contrast too in the fact that the soup features chicken broth. The meatballs in my version are made with a mix of turkey sausage and chicken so it is a bit healthier; there are many variations on this theme and plenty of different substitution you could use for the green part of the soup. Mine is also a bit heavy on the meatballs to keep my boys from having at me about where’s the meat mom.

The pasta is very short pasta so it cooks fast and although I normally cook the pasta separate and then add it in the last few minutes in this one I cook it right in the soup broth which makes this a very quick and easy soup to make on a weeknight dinner. The whole thing can be put together in about 35 minutes of cooking and a bit of short preparation. Have the kids help out on making the meatballs just make sure they keep them all about the same size so they cook at the same rate in the oven.

If the kids don’t like the spinach you can switch it out for cabbage, kale, or any other green leafy vegetable will work fine. You can also switch up on the pasta but will need to adjust the cook time to a bit longer mine are very small so cook quick which is why I choose that particular noodle. This is a great dish to make into a dinner just add a bit of artisan crusty bread and you have a full dinner instead of just a meal starter. If you don’t want to make meatballs you could cut small pieces of Italian sausage and bake them just make sure to drain the grease first this would make the dish even faster and depending on the version of sausage you use could even make it a bit spicy if your into that kind of thing. Continue reading

Parmesan Chipotle Black Bean Soup with Guacamole

If you are looking for a cream soup which is a bit different than normal cream soups this might be of interest to you. it is a southwestern inspired soup featuring black beans at the core but with a bunch of different elements combined to give you a very unique soup. Now you could serve this as a before or after diner soup either way it would be at home but a little warning it does have a little spice in it and if you are weary of heat you can cut back on the chipotle or eliminate it all together and it would actual then be a bit on the sweet side.

Although many of my recipes on different sites have a heat element always feel free to cut back on it there is no shame in not being a fan of spice in a recipe just tailor it to your family’s love of it. Mine runs all the way from youngest and hubby to my second oldest who hates it so I often make two different levels of dishes to suit everyone. This recipe also has room for a couple different kinds of garnishing I will suggest to you here.

You could always take and crumple up some tortilla chips and sprinkle them on top for a bit of crunch kind of like tortilla soup that is one. Another would be a dollop of sour cream on top or salsa or even both. Almost any Tex-Mex or Mexican entree would go good with or following this so you have a lot of room to make this into part of a themed dinner. Feel free to double the recipe and make it for a luncheon with the ladies if you have an adventurous group of friends. There are all kinds of possibilities with this soup so use your imagination and if you come up with something I didn’t think of drop me a comment so others can share. Continue reading

Fire Roasted Rotisserie Chicken Noodle Soup

Does anyone make chicken soup as good as mom or grandma? I know we all remember it fondly maybe we just remember all those things of youth fondly as we didn’t have all the pressure in life back then or maybe grandma did know something we don’t. I know grandma seemed to have more time although we have more modern connivances it seems life these days is just more everything and less of one thing time.

This recipe will give you a bit of it back for two reasons one we use a store bought fire roasted rotisserie chicken as our starting point so no slow roasting a whole chicken ourselves to give us the base for our soup. Now many soup recipes will use premade stock or broth but in this one we are actually going to use one of grandma’s secrets to great chicken soup and that is in the making of true fresh made stock nothing full of chemicals and stuffed in a box or can to taint it.

Now I said we were going to do this easy and that we are we are going to pick that little gem of a bird we bought clean of most of its meat and then use what is left in our crockpot to make homemade stock with nothing but chicken and water to start, no salt, no chemical preservatives and no tin can taste. Because we are using the crockpot though it will simmer all night and fill the house in the morning with wonderful smells. Then a simple prep of some veggies, a quick sauté of the onions and garlic and then all crockpot from there on out, while you’re off doing something else. Later that day a simple cooking of the noodles one last ingredient and it is a quick finish in the crockpot then to the table and dinner. Crackers are optional. Continue reading

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