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Pressure Cooker Soups

The main reason for choosing a pressure cooker to make soup is the speed. A pressure cooker works by heating liquid in a pressured area to get plenty of internal steam pressure. The higher temperature and higher humidity inside a pressure cooker means whatever food you are cooking in there will cook much faster than if you were to use a crockpot or even a pot on the stove. Pressure cooking simulates the effect of braising or simmering but it is quicker. If you just got home from work and you are really hungry, a pressure-cooked soup can be made from scratch in half an hour or less, and it will be tasty.

How to Pressure Cook Soup

Do not add dairy ingredients like cream or milk to the soup until after it has cooked, because these ingredients do not cook well in such an environment. For the same reason, roux-based soups do not have much liquid to evaporate and will stop the pressure cooker reaching pressure, so those are not good for the pressure cooker either. Some soups are made in stages so you might pressure cook the stock, then add the vegetables and pressure cook those, then add pasta and pressure cook some more. Others require the main ingredient to be browned then added to the pressure cooker with the rest, then everything cooks together.

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