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Homemade Beef Broth and Tasty Beef Consommé

Beef broth is a major part of French onion soup and provides the wonderful meaty flavor associated with this classic dish. For the most delicious and best French onion soup recipe, you should start off with homemade beef broth or beef consommé. There are various recipes to choose from and you can make whichever appeals to you the most. If you are short on time you can use canned beef broth or canned beef consommé but, if you have to time to make a beef broth recipe yourself, you might like to try a simple but wonderful beef consommé or broth recipe.

What Else Is It For?

Not only is beef broth used for making French onion soup but it is also a drink or snack in its own right. Add vegetables and leave in the chunks of beef and it becomes even more filling. Vegetables which are especially good with beef include mushrooms because of their rich, earthy flavor, and asparagus because their unique taste goes so well with beef. Onions are always good too, and garlic. Beef broth is a great pick-me-up if you feel a bit sick or run down. If you feel like your body needs some vitamins and minerals, try a cup of beef broth instead of popping a multivitamin tablet, and see how it perks you up.

Delicious Beef Broth Recipes

There are lots of kinds of vegetables and herbs you can use to flavor your beef broth recipe, depending on the flavors you personally enjoy. Carrots, celery, and onions are favorites and garlic also adds to the aromatic flavor, along with the meaty beef bones. Bay leaves, parsley, thyme, and marjoram are popular also. A French chef would never entertain the idea of using canned beef broth because beef broth and beef consommé are both so easy to make from scratch.

Get Your Beef Broth Just Right

The trick to making great beef broth is to take your time. Beef broth is not something you can make from scratch in 5 minutes. If you simmer it gently for days, the bones will break down and their minerals will go into the broth. You do not have to let it cook that long, of course, but the longer you do cook it the more richly flavorful it will get. Turn the stove off at night and back on in the morning to continue cooking the stock. This is perfectly safe.

More Tips for the Best Broth

Use several types of beef bones if you can, and always brown them well first, before adding them to the broth. Add a splash of vinegar to the broth to draw the minerals out of the beef bones. It is a good idea to keep scraps of meat in the freezer (in a labeled bag of course) so you can add them to the stockpot. Using these tips means you will get a flavorful, tasty beef broth.


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