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Cheese Soup

Easy Cheesy Soup

While cheese is often used as a garnish, either grated or shredded, it can also be used as an ingredient in soup, perhaps one of the main ingredients. Beer and cheese soup would not work without the cheese, for example, or potato and cheese soup, because in each case it is one of the main ingredients. Cheese is not only added to soup for the flavor. It also changes the consistency. Some cheeses melt differently from others. You have cheeses which melt and get stringy, like mozzarella, cheeses which are less stringy, like cheddar, and ones which do not really melt but go oily instead. The last kind are possibly better used for a garnish.

Adding Cheese to Soup

Cheese does need to be cooked but it does need time to melt into the soup, so a recipe will probably tell you to add the cheese last or a few minutes before the end. Some recipes call for a can of cheese soup to be added to the pot while others will want the cheese itself. Cheese soups range from French onion soup with its Gruyère cheese-topped crouton, to cheddar cheese soup which can be made with a Mexican, Irish or other international twist, depending on the supporting ingredients. Manchego or parmesan are nice to garnish a soup. Full-fat cheese is often best because low-fat type cheeses sometimes do not melt as well.


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