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Chilled Soup

Why Serve Chilled Soup

This type of soup is not as well-known or as popular around the world as the hot soups we all grew up with, and some people have never even tasted it, never mind made it. Chilled soup has its advantages though, one of which is the fact it can be made in advance and then refrigerated. Any busy dinner party host or hostess will appreciate an easy recipe which can be made in the morning and forgotten about until the evening. Another advantage is chilled soup is so refreshing. When the weather is hot, many people do not want a hearty, warming soup, neither the pot simmering on the stove heating up the already-hot kitchen, not the steam rising up from the bowl during eating.

Chilled Soup Ideas

Try our chilled walnut and avocado soup, or perhaps the grilled vegetable and broccoli soup would suit the occasion better. Chilled soup can be creamy or not, it can be vegetable-rich or contain seafood or meat. Chilled soup can even be served for dessert if you want to make a watermelon or kiwi soup, for example. There are plenty of options to consider. Some soups can either be served hot or chilled, as you wish, while other chilled soup recipes would not work if you were to heat them because of the ingredients they contain, so if in doubt just follow the recipe. Sometimes the flavors in a chilled soup seem more pronounced than those in a hot soup too.

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Hello there, I'm Christine. Welcome to my blog where you will find a comprehensive collection of soup recipes for every season, occasion and palate. There are hundreds of soup recipes for you to try out, those which warm you up during the cooler months, and even chilled soups and dessert soups if you want to try something new.

Try making your next soup in the pressure cooker or crockpot, or prepare it in the conventional way. Choose from classics such as potato and leek soup, beef broth, French onion soup, or chicken noodle soup, or investigate a more unusual dish, like our cabbage bean soup or one of the Chinese soup recipes.

In addition to soups, broths and chowders, I have collected stew recipes, along with low-calorie, low-carb and heart-healthy options, so you can make soups which are nutritious and good for you, as well as fresh-tasting and delicious. Here at Amazing Soup Recipes, there are recipes for every taste, many of which are really quick and easy to make.

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