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Seafood Chinese Soup

Seafood Chinese Soup Recipes

Seafood always adds an elegant touch to soup recipes and you have plenty of choice here. High-end types of seafood include crab and lobster, and if you wish to showcase the seafood you might like to add this kind of seafood to a relatively simple Chinese broth base. Another idea is to add a variety of shellfish and pieces of fish to your soup, so you get a taste of the sea in every spoonful. Seafood is a lighter alternative to beef or another kind of red meat, and you might like to consider a Chinese style seafood soup for your first course if you do not want to fill your guests up too much before the main dish comes out. Choose from all kinds of seafood or fish, depending on what you enjoy best.

Seafood Dumpling and Wonton Soup

One of the best ways to present seafood in a Chinese soup recipe is to make dumplings, or wontons, and then float those in the soup. Wonton soup is one of the most famous soup recipes to come out of China and it is known all over the globe. Pork and shrimp wontons are one of the most popular types, and the wonton skins will contain pork, shrimp, Chinese seasonings like soy sauce, garlic and ginger, and perhaps some green onion and other ingredients. Combining pork with shrimp actually results in a great flavor, but you can omit the pork if you wish and just use shrimp or another kind of seafood to make the wontons or dumplings for your homemade soup.


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