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Cream of Soup

Cream of Soup Recipes

Cream soups are always popular because the cream adds a special flavor and texture. Choose your base ingredient and then add the cream later. Some cream soups are made with milk, Half & Half, cream cheese, sour cream or yogurt instead of heavy or light cream and others will only need a splash of cream if the soup is already pureed and silky, while others will be cream-based. Choose from chicken or fish cream soups, or how about a vegetable one using carrot, pumpkin, cauliflower or tomato? Mixed vegetable cream soups are also good. These soups can be pureed or chunky, but they feature a creaminess which comes either from cream or from something similar-textured. There are lots of recipes to choose from depending what kind of finish you like, and whether you want a hot or chilled one.

Why Cream Soups are So Good

Not only are creamy soups delicious but their texture makes them stand out. Eating something with a rich, velvety consistency gives you the impression you are enjoying something rich and luxurious. Also, many people find these soups comforting. Even if making a non-creamy soup, some people still like to add a dollop of sour cream as a garnish, just because it goes so well with many soup recipes.

The Right Blend of Creamy and Tasty

If a recipe features too much cream you will have to compensate by adding plenty of other flavors, else it will be like drinking a bowl of cream. Curried cream soups, for example, will use spices and seasonings to contrast with the creaminess, and this also means a good balance of flavors. If you are serving a particularly heavy cream soup as an appetizer, serve small portions because it tends to be really filling. To cut fat and calories, consider using reduced-fat cream or even yogurt if the recipe says it is a viable substitution.

Healthy Cream Soup Recipes

If you are opposed to using cream but you love this kind of soup, why not use the main ingredients as your thickeners instead? Sauté minced onion then add vegetables and broth. Simmer the soup until the veggies are tender, then puree most or all of it and stir in a little milk and the end. The soup will be creamy but not high in fat or calories. Traditionally a butter and flour mixture called a roux was used to thicken soups but today we have other options.

Well-Loved Cream Soups

Some of the best-known cream soups include cream of chicken, tomato, pumpkin, cauliflower and mixed vegetable, but there are plenty of variations to try, so have a look through the list and see which one appeals to you the most. These soups are really tasty. They appeal to all ages and they are suitable for a wide range of occasions. If you do not like to have too much fat or cream, you can find substitutions like naturally creamy veggies or using milk or yogurt, or you can find a recipe which is slightly creamy rather than very much so.

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