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Cream of Pea

Perfect Cream of Pea Soup

Pea soup is the perfect soup to make creamy because the creaminess suits this particular vegetable very well. Whether you are using green peas, split peas, lentils, fresh garden peas, canned or frozen peas, you can make the soup creamy by adding cream, milk or another creamy ingredient to the mix. Choose from varieties like pea soup rosemary cream, stewed creamy pea soup or something else. This is a hearty and warming dish, ideal for the fall and winter but also suitable for the other months of the year. Pea soup might feature bacon or ham for meatiness, and there are also vegetarian options.

Pea Soup with Cream

The Ancient Romans and Greeks were eating pea soup as far back as 400 or 500 BC, so this dish is nothing new, and it has certainly held on to its timeless appeal. There are more varieties around today though, for sure. Choose from one of the meaty European versions with sausage or bacon, the Canadian type made with yellow split peas, or smooth pureed pea soup, the kind we love so much in the United States. Since peas are a vegetable they offer nutritional benefits as well as flavor, so if you want to make a healthy soup which also boasts a wonderful creaminess, pea soup is the perfect dish to choose, to make for the family.


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