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Ham And Lentil Soup

Ham and Lentil Soup – Tasty and Satisfying

Ham and lentil soup is one of the most popular varieties of soup, and many people would name it as their favorite kind. The reason it is so appealing is perhaps the texture. This type of soup is usually thick and comforting, perfect for a chilly evening or as comfort food served with crusty bread. The ham adds a lovely meatiness and the lentils can be canned or dried, and they will start to break down in the soup, thickening it and contributing to the rich, thick consistency. From small kids to grownups, this is definitely one type of soup that appeals across the board because of its wonderful flavor, and perfect texture.

Making Lentil Soup with Ham

Lentil soup can be made vegetarian, of course, or even vegan, but if you want a meaty touch then using ham is a great idea. Use the bone left over from a ham or pick up a ham hock. The choice is yours, but you can get plenty of meat from using bones if you have them. Using a smoked ham hock means you can cook the soup with the ham in it until the meat is falling off the bone, then pick off the meat and discard the bone. The flavor will have been coaxed out of the bone and you can stir some of the meat into the soup and use the rest as a garnish on top, perhaps along with croutons, sliced green onions or whatever you want.


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