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Lentil Soup

Lovely Thick Lentil Soup

Sometimes nothing but lentil soup will hit the spot, and this thick, rich mixture always goes down well. Lentil soup is one of the world’s most beloved soup recipes and there are various ways to make it. Whether you wish to team the lentils with peas or pulses, or simple use them as they are, you can make really nice soup. Add some ham or bacon, or even some sausage or chicken if you wish. How does chorizo and lentil soup sound, or French green lentil soup? You might like to try our hearty chicken soup with lentils or our sausage and lentil stew which is thicker than soup but you can still enjoy it in a bowl eaten with a spoon.

Why Lentils Work in Soup

Lentils can be used for making side dishes but they are extra-good in soup recipes, part of the reason being their unique, nutty flavor, which adds plenty of interest to any soup. Lentils break down a bit when simmered for a long time in liquid, and this means you will have a variety of textures in your soup and the broken-down ones will act as a thickener, giving the dish a nice consistency. Lentils are filling and that is why lentil soup is served as a complete meal, rather than just an appetizer. It is very rustic and robust, probably too much so to make an appetizer. Serve your lentil soup recipe with bread if you wish, or just savor it as it is.


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