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Mushroom Soup

Why Mushroom Soup is So Good

Like many other types of vegetables, mushrooms are versatile, which means they can be served in lots of different ways. Stuff them, bread and fry them, sauté or stir-fry them, add them to a quiche, omelet or scrambled eggs, serve them with your eggs and bacon in the morning, or add them to soup. Whatever you do with your mushrooms the robust, earthy flavor they offer is always good. Mushrooms can be used to make great soup, and you can choose from classic soups, creamy ones or even exotic Asian or other international ones. Mushroom soup is always delicious and it is delightfully simple to prepare too.

How to Make Delicious Soup with Mushrooms

Mushroom soup recipes vary, but often you will start off by sautéing some garlic, onions and other aromatics, before adding your stock or broth and the other ingredients. Mushrooms do not take long to cook but some of the other ingredients might, especially if you are using rice, potatoes or anything dense. Some mushroom soups feature meat or bones to add flavor, and these are often best cooked for a longer time, to extract maximum flavor. Perhaps you want to cook your soup in a crockpot, since soups are always great when you slow-cook them. Other options include stovetop soups (the traditional choice) or pressure cooker ones.

Types of Mushroom Soup Recipes

Creaminess is often good with mushrooms so you might like to make a creamy soup. If you have ever had creamy mushroom sauce over your steak you will know how good the soup is going to be. Other options include pumpkin sausage soup with mushrooms, in which the mushrooms are a backup ingredient and not the star of the dish, or mushroom and sauerkraut soup. Oriental mushroom soup is also good, or you might wish to explore even more variations or international possibilities.

Which Mushrooms to Use

Fresh mushrooms are usually better than the canned kind, which often have a sliminess about them, and you can get all kinds of varieties. If a recipe does not tell you which kind to use, then choose button mushrooms, plain white mushrooms or even chestnut mushrooms (the browner ones). Oriental kinds like shiitake are good in Asian recipes, while chantarelles, cremini and Portobello mushrooms are also nice. Wipe the mushrooms clean rather than soaking them, unless they are dried mushrooms.

The Finishing Touches

When your soup is approaching the end of its cooking time it is time to taste it and see what it is missing. Perhaps some more salt and black pepper is needed. It is also time to stir in any cream or fresh herbs. Serve thick and creamy, pureed soups with croutons or a fresh herb garnish. Asian mushroom soup is great served in decorative little Asian bowls for a touch of authenticity.


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