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Potato Soup

The Very Best Homemade Potato Soup Recipes

Everyone has their own particular favorite when it comes to the very best homemade potato soup recipes. Perhaps you already know that you favor rich, creamy potato soups or it could be that you like chunky potato and vegetable soups or even a sausage and potato soup. Alternatively, it could be that you have yet to discover which kind of potato soup is dearest to your heart, in which case you are in luck because we have lots of different ones for you to browse.

Since potatoes are such an economical and easy-to-find ingredient, there is nothing to stop you from trying out several different potato soup recipes either. They are not all similar, despite the main ingredient being the same. A Chinese sweet potato soup is nothing like a creamy garlic and potato soup, just as a leek and potato soup bears little resemblance to a spicy Indian potato soup recipe.

The Charm of Homemade Potato Soup

Of course you can buy potato soup in cans but when you compare one of these to a homemade potato soup, you will discover how superior homemade potato soup is, whichever recipe you choose to make and whatever ingredients you opt to put into your homemade potato soup recipes. Not only is the flavor of homemade potato soup better than commercially prepared soup but it also looks better.

Canned soup is not especially attractive but homemade soup is, especially when you take the trouble to add a nice garnish. Perhaps you want to finish your cream of potato soup recipe off with some croutons or fresh herbs, or maybe you would like to drizzle cream over your potato and vegetable soup recipe or serve grated cheese over your beef and potato soup. The sky is the limit with the garnishes as well as the soups themselves and you can be creative in the kitchen and come up with a real potato soup masterpiece.

Making Potato Soup – A Few Pointers

Every recipe for potato soup is slightly different, which is why you can usually find the best tips within the recipe itself. There are a few things to learn before you start making this kind of soup though, like which other vegetables go well with potatoes, how long you need to boil or roast a potato until it is soft or how to garnish your potato soup recipes like a pro. You can find plenty of handy advice in our cooking tips section, as well as all the very best potato soup recipes.

Some potato soup recipes are open to adaptation so if you want to use up any vegetables, meat, or other ingredients, you might want to look for a potato soup recipe which would be tasty with these additions. Others are best made in the way the recipe tells you, especially if you are making a classic potato soup recipe like vichyssoise, but you can still alter them. Think about French onion soup for example. There is one classic recipe for it, which most people prefer, but all kinds of ways to put your own spin on the dish.

The Difference Between Potato Soup and Other Vegetable Soups

It is true that there are lots of different ways to make vegetable soup so why should you choose potato soup over another kind of soup with vegetables. Actually potato soup has its own character, especially if you making a classic or traditional potato soup recipe. Carrot soup is very nice, for example, but lacks the creamy comfort factor found in potato soup. Mixed vegetable soup is also good but if you like the unmistakable potato flavor, as well as the texture of the potatoes, you might miss that in a mixed vegetable soup.

Also, potatoes are really versatile. Not only are there various types of potato but there are also different ways to cook them. You can bake them first or use leftover baked potatoes, or you can grill your potatoes to give your potato soup recipe a nice smoky flavor. Choose from new potatoes, firm baking potatoes, floury potatoes, or even sweet potatoes and yams.

You might like to make a luxurious creamy soup or a healthy potato and vegetable soup, using chicken, beef, or even vegetable stock as the base, and also adding other herbs or spices, different veggies or pieces of meat, poultry or fish to make it more substantial and filling. No other soup is the same as potato soup, both in terms of style and flavor. Potato soup is universally known and loved and it is really easy to make your own.

So, enjoy browsing our extensive collection of the best potato soup recipes ever and happy cooking!

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