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Seafood Soup Recipes

Sensation Seafood Soup for All Occasions

Seafood soup is one of the most special recipes you can make. Choose an exquisite lobster or crab soup if you want to impress your dinner guests, a creamy bisque, an Asian fish and seafood soup, a classic seafood chowder, or something else. There are certainly plenty of options for you to consider. Some of these soups are smooth and pureed while others feature whole shrimps, scallops or shellfish like mussels or clams. The type of seafood soup you choose to make depends on the season, occasion, and how much time you want to spend on the preparation, but there are recipes for all budgets, and even beginner cooks can make a tasty seafood soup.

Types of Seafood to Use

If you want to make a tasty seafood soup without breaking the bank, what about using imitation crab or a mixture of fish? You do not have to buy a whole lobster or crab unless you want to make that kind of soup. Some seafood soups are seafood-intense while others might be based on an aromatic fish bouillon and just have a few shrimps or a couple of shellfish in there as a garnish or accent. You can get fresh, canned or frozen seafood, and choose from many varieties. Your location affects what kind of seafood is available to you fresh (as well as the prices) but there are sufficient seafood recipes to choose from to ensure you can make something wonderful.

Different Seafood Soup Options

Consider making fish soup like Thai tom yum, Hungarian fish soup with paprika, homemade split soup with salmon, or even a hearty fish stew with herbs. Another possibility is mixed seafood soup such as a white wine broth with steamed mussels and shallots, or a creamy corn pumpkin crab soup. How about making shrimp soup? We have all of those recipes for you plus many more, so decide what kind of seafood you would prefer to use and get ready to make some incredible soup.

How Long Does Seafood Take to Cook?

Seafood tends to be a delicate ingredient so unless you are braising an octopus or poaching squid, you are not going to need an hour to cook it. In fact, some kinds of seafood can be cooked in a minute or so, and that includes small shrimp. Shellfish opens when you steam it, which is helpful because you can see when it is perfectly cooked. Other seafood, such as prawns, change color. The recipe you choose will advise you on the correct cooking times, because nothing is worse than overcooked, rubbery seafood!

The Finishing Touches

If you are making a shellfish soup with the shellfish removed from their shells, why not keep a few in the shells to use as a garnish? Leaving the tails on a couple of the shrimp means you can garnish the soup with those, or perhaps you would prefer green onions, croutons or a different kind of decoration.


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