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Pea Soup

Introduction to the Very Best Homemade Pea Soup Recipes and Information

Some of the very best homemade pea soup recipes include pea soup with fresh or frozen green peas, dried yellow peas and dried green peas. There are areas with a particularly favorite recipe and other areas, like the United States, where fresh, frozen, and dried peas make hundreds of different soups, all of which are favorites.

Trying to decide the best recipes gets down to deciding what the cook and the family like the best and preparing various recipes is a great way to determine the answer. We hope that you enjoy learning about the many variations of pea soup and the recipes found around the world as home cooks and famous chefs prepare this popular dish for families and patrons seeking a delicious and tasty soup.

There is nothing quite like pea soup during the winter or summer, as it appeals to adults and children alike. Using fresh peas to make the soup causes it to be slightly sweeter than soup made with dried peas. A teaspoon of honey added to the dried pea soup during the last five minutes of cooking has the same result.

Pea soup is common in nearly every country and even though there are different ingredients in most recipes, it all boils down to one reason and that is pea soup is incredibly good to eat. If you have fresh peas growing in your garden, snip a bit of the vine and leaves, rinse and dry them and drape a vine across each cup or bowl of soup, leaving part of the vine extending out for décor.

Some soups need many different ingredients to be perfect, such as vegetable soup. That is not a concern for any type of pea soup, as that vegetable has a special flavor and texture that stands alone perfectly. Other ingredients create a different result that is usually delicious, as well, but pure pea soup is yummy, requiring only a dash of salt and pepper.

When adding other vegetables to pea soup, a huge variety complements the flavor and color. Onions of any type, such as green or Walla Walla, add perfect flavor. Shredded or finely diced carrots display their bright orange colors against the green or yellow pea soup. Slices of turnip add a sense of fullness to fresh pea soup. Some recipes suggest stirring in mashed pumpkin with yellow pea soup to deepen the color.

Making Pea Soups

Fresh peas are usually part of a thin soup, usually with a clear liquid such as beef or chicken broth. It actually takes longer for fresh peas to cook to a tender stage, so follow the instructions carefully, and let the soup simmer to keep the other ingredients from overcooking while the peas finish. For an interesting combination, put whole sugar pea pods in the soup, as they cook quickly and add a bright green color and delicious flavor. Serve warm bread sticks with pea soups of this light consistency.

Frozen peas make some of the most delicious pea soup recipes and the soup texture ranges from a good consistency to very thick or even finished as a puree. One interesting combination is fresh mint and frozen green peas simmered together with garlic, onions, and other seasonings. The soup is pureed after cooking, giving a brighter green than most pea soups and a memorable flavor. Still another recipe calls for leeks and mushrooms as additions to a creamy soup made with frozen peas.

Some nations in Europe prefer yellow pea soup rather than green pea soup to the point of excluding green pea soup altogether. Caramelized rings of white onions make a delightful garnish. There are recipes that call for pureed yams or sweet potatoes piped onto the top of each bowl of pureed yellow pea soup. Another suggests a thin slice of baked pumpkin as a garnish. Can people really detect a different texture or flavor between split green and yellow pea soup? Some claim there is a difference.

Any type of pea soup is a cold weather comfort food and making the best homemade pea soup recipes includes thinking of what else to serve with the soup, from a garnish to a type of bread.

Certain recipes list suggestions so cooks can make a choice from several short lists. Some garnishes that go well with green split pea soup are shredded cheddar cheese, toasted garlic croutons, and green leafy vegetable tops, such as celery or carrots. Serve homemade rolls or cornbread rather than crackers. As you can see, making a meal appealing and tasty really is easy. Today is a great day to make a delicious pea soup recipe for lunch or dinner.


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