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Vegetable Soup

Unbeatable Homemade Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup is not only one of the most economical soups to choose but it can also be one of the tastiest. Choose from all kinds of tasty vegetables to get the perfect harmony in your homemade soup, adding meat or fish if you want, and using whichever kind of bouillon, soup or other liquid as your base. You might like to mix two vegetables together, perhaps tomato and zucchini, pumpkin and potato, or carrot and mushroom. The choice is up to you, and most vegetables will complement one another, making the choice extensive. Alternatively you can add a variety of different veggies to the pan.

Types of Vegetable Soup to Make

Choose from mild or spicy soup recipes, thick and creamy soups or those which are chunky or textured, mild and simple ones or spicy, exotic flavors. The sky is the limit with vegetable soup recipes and even if you only have one or two types of vegetables to use, there is plenty of choice when it comes to styles, so take your time choosing the perfect recipe. Do you fancy making a carrot soup, or do you have asparagus or broccoli to use up? Maybe you want to take advantage of your local market’s seasonal offerings and prepare a classic vegetable soup. Something else which is nice to do is use the grill to cook the veggies first, to infuse them with a lovely smoky flavor.

Tips for the Best Veggie Soup

Vegetable soup is very easy to make and you can use vegetables past their prime to make it, those you might not necessarily want to serve on their own. You can puree the finished soup and nobody needs to know you used semi-perfect carrots or slightly squishy mushrooms! If you want to make the soup filling then make it chunky, perhaps adding some cooked chicken or beef at the last minute to warm through, and also potatoes, rice, noodles or another kind of starch.

Getting the Flavor Perfect

Vegetables offer their own unique flavors and you can play around with different combinations to come up with something extra-special. Other ways to tweak the flavor would be to add fresh or dried herbs, spices and other seasonings, or to carefully select the right kind of bouillon to begin with. You will find using homemade chicken stock gives a superior flavor to using canned chicken stock. Add chilies for spice or any other seasonings you like.

A Satisfying Meal in Itself

Vegetable soup can be served as an appetizer, but in slightly larger portions it makes a wonderful meal by itself, so you can enjoy it for lunch or dinner. Perhaps you want to serve some crusty bread with the soup, and this makes it a more substantial meat but also gives you something to mop up every last delicious drop.


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