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Classic Vegetable Soup

Timeless and Classic Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup has been around since man discovered fire, so this has to be one of the oldest soup recipes ever. There are plenty of recipes around these days though, especially international takes on vegetable soup, since people are keener than ever before to sample international flavors and try out new spices and seasonings. Modern shipping and refrigeration also mean we have more access to different ingredients these days than ever before. Putting an exotic spin on your vegetable soup is only one of your options though, and the truth is there are few things more comforting than some classic vegetable soup like grandma used to make.

Vegetable Soup Options for You

Although many vegetable soup recipes are vegetarian, some feature beef, ham or another kind of meat for added flavor, or are made with chicken broth. You can always leave out the meat or switch the broth for vegetarian broth if you like. Sometimes vegetable soup is pureed but the color is going to depend which vegetables you use, so if you are worried a sludgy brown color vegetable soup is going to put you off, leave the soup chunky and enjoy the range of colors in it instead. Veggie soup can be served with crusty bread or croutons, or you might like to add some fresh herbs, either in the soup itself or used on top as a garnish.


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