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Game Stew

Game Stew is Versatile

Wild game provides meat hat is low in fat, yet is packed with flavor. Whether you use venison, elk, partridge or wild rabbit, all of them taste great in stew. If you like to hunt, this is a dish you can cook right there when you are camping in the woods. Making a game stew is a wonderful way to experience a little living history. Many people survived on game stew while on the pioneer trail or way back when the only way to get your food was to hunt it yourself. Today, you can sometimes buy game at your local butcher shop. Take a look at some of our recipes and let us tempt you to walk on the wild side.

So Many Game Stews to Choose From

If you hunt or you know someone who does, you can enjoy all sorts of game stew. Some people still enjoy the heartiness of partridge or grouse cooked into a stew. Squirrels have also been known to find their way into the family stew pot. While most people may not be aware of this, game stews kept families alive when times were hard. They still do in some areas. Bear, elk, deer, and other wildlife have all made their contributions to the stew pots of people the world over. You can bring some of this old-fashioned charm to your own table and explore the experiences of your ancestors. While you may not opt for squirrel, you may enjoy some grouse or venison.


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